BigXthaPlug – Enemies Lyrics


Enemies Lyrics



Most of you n***** my enemies
No, you can never be kin to me
I keep a Glock for these n***** that’s six feet deep in the dirt
They gon’ have that boy six feet, ayy
Slidin’ and ridin’, you can say that we driftin’
Who you know hit a lick in Givenchy and Fendi?
And we havin’ that shit, it’s just in me
Before I’ll snitch, I’ll tell ’em I’m guilty, ayy
I whip pussy, feel like Uncle Willy
That ho hopped on top, told the bitch pop a wheelie
Most of these n***** is pussy, they fear me
I fear God, better clutch when you near me, ayy
Told him I’m back, throw the Glock, that’s a TD
Water my diamonds, I’m shoppin’ with TD
I’m John Cena, these n***** can’t see me
The fuck can you hate? You wantin’ to be me, ayy
Mama proud, I be all on her TV
She like when I smile and they zoom on my VVs
I’m super hard on a bitch like a real P
Still drink drink, screamin’ R.I.P. Pimp C, ayy
Still ride, but that shit kinda risky
I’ll sell a whole block to a fiend like Risky
Big booty bitch at the spot tryna frisk me
He with me, so he get to bust when I’m empty
I got some rich partners, them n***** is simply
Havin’ that shit, you can tell ’cause they with me
Can’t beef with a n**** whose pockets is empty
How you sellin’ your gun, but you tryin’ to kill me? Ayy
They rabbits, they all kinda silly
Talkin’ all hard on the ‘net, but they really
Soft than a bitch and they ain’t fuckin’ with me
I’m really the hottest young Crip in the city

I keep a Drac’ like Josh
I was runnin’ the street before Saved by the Bell
At age eleven, I had put a gun to my head, told myself I’d never be twelve
Bought a revolver to stack up my cheese
No macaroni, I’m keepin’ the shells
Told my lil’ partner to give me the chopper
Before he start aimin’ at somebody else
I’m feelin’ like Rizzoo, it’s hot
I been on that stove with my wrist in the pot
Insane asylum, my car is so crazy
I’m puttin’ the doors on suicide watch
I snuck the Glock in the crowd
Bitch, I was a dog before DMX growls
No sex in the circle, I don’t fuck around
My watch broken windows, I’m bustin’ it down, ayy
’92 stained V8, hundred spoke Daytons, I’m ready to race
Young money guns
I tote Lil Wayne, I’m puttin’ these Nicki titties on the Drac’
14K rose gold in my teeth
Patti ‘Belle chopper, I’m ready for beef
Restroom break, my stomach start hurtin’
N***** know I’m the shit ‘fore I sat on the seat
Fuck from the back ’cause she know I’m a dog
Shark in the water, I play in her jaws
Head game crazy
Throat so good, she can suck peanut butter through a motherfuckin’ straw
Girls know $ama, he been a G
N***** got female tendancies
Crazy how you was my partner, then shit got greasy, now you hang with the enemies

Bitch, hear what I said, n****?
Hold on, hold on
Hold on, Ro
Yeah, yeah, yeah

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: Enemies
    Performed by: BigXthaPlug (feat. Ro$ama)
    Written by: Carzell Frost, RoDarrion Harrison, Xavier Landum
    Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
    Album: Big Stepper [EP]
    Release Date: 25 March, 2022