BIG30 – Crying Lyrics


Crying Lyrics by BIG30 (feat. Pooh Shiesty)


Let’s cry
Bet a n**** ass cry at 2:00
15 percocets a day feel like I damn near died too
Free Lil Teedy locked up way in Cali he just 5’2
Been gone a deuce for aggravated robbery and got bout 5 to do
But we gangsta ain’t no tears drop
The more I go more wicked this shit get so that’s more fears dropping
Ice on my earlobe 6 pair of earrings bitch my ears cocked
Like should I keep on slugging keep on t hugging might go veneers probably
Took my n**** Mista kilt his killer like the same day
Turn him to a strain
Like hit this za this how his brain taste
I can’t just sip wock gotta mix tec I need that same taste
When I say free Shiesty that go for Bobby
My n**** caught the same case
Tan glocks 50 shots get’em off me
Before it even hit the net 30 knew he was dead my n**** nem already called me
Steady asking where we at said you sliding through willet
They done hit him in the head with the 40
Now we got’em stiff laid in the coffin
Stay strapped up two Glock shawty
Turnt’em to a pack now he got me coughing

Blrrrd Blrrrd

A, now that shit over with
Tried my bitch while I was broke now his Joe who I’m sposed to hit
Add me to yo close friends tryna show me that’s fasho yo bitch
I add you back in mine I know that hurted know I broke yo shit
Folks say you went out sad
Telling this bitch you wanna kill me and beat the hoe bad
Blacked the hoe eye I heard you mad cause you bought her that ass
Shit hurt yo pride you whooped that hoe like she fucking to dad
Humbled his ass fast

See ima humble a n**** ass fast
Hit a n**** where it hurt
Touch yo lil ass
Fuck you tumb bout n****
Don’t play with me n****
Especially when it come down to these hoes

But really fuck that bitch
I can’t say fuck her cause I fuck with her
So just fuck that shit
A free all of my n***** in cages eating noodle cups and shit (Free Shiesty)
My n**** say he can’t afford no percs
He buying school busing shit
Mane cut out all that lying ask for some money stop plucking’ bitch
Take off click stop fucking bitch
But you know long as I breathe you aint gone need and want for nothing n****
And that’s yo mane problem but ima keep solving it cause I love you n****
Don’t give a fuck if we argue he he call tomorrow ima pull up bugging n**** (Factually)

(Pooh Shiesty)

Powerful shit mane
Fuck these pussy ass n*****
They been waiting on a n**** to stand still take a fall
But ian never fall I’m a giant mane
And I’m ready to get on one of these hating ass n***** in here ass
They can catch anything out the air
N**** act like they wanna change the tv mane we gone beat some
Big Blrrrd

Blrrrd Blrrrd