Big Yavo – Tears Lyrics


Tears Lyrics by Big Yavo


I’m sorry baby I’m done arguing nah I ain’t got time for that I know you seeing all these n***** dying don’t ask me why I’m strapped I remember asking them for favors they ain’t even call me back now I’m having racks look how many times I could’ve brought it back and I know I hurt you first don’t do it back it ain’t even call for that they put me last now I’m on they head like a bald patch remember just being on my dick man it was all bad posted on that block and I can shoot just call me Paul Nash fuck running up that money I’m tryna hall ass you ain’t gotta front on me say the word and ima fall back n***** faking like they shooting shit whole time it be all glass this shit all facts this shit all facts smiling one second you crying that what love do hit that reefer put pride to the side that’s what drugs do you must I ain’t seen Rico kill a Mitch n**** trust who that N**** don’t love you he can’t wait to slug you if I start crying right now I can make a puddle way to many quarterbacks not enough huddles he say he real but going behind my back like a book bag all the real shit I did a n**** will still make you look bad I’m good with words I used to skip miss cook class been through some shit I don’t even gotta bring the hook back my life a novel can’t write it all on one page sorry if you say something to me and I flash you it was the wrong day don’t take it the wrong way I just be thinking about plays I just want my n**** fuck the fame I’ll give you the stage long love lil breil young n**** that was just stuck in his ways he was so young I don’t know why they had to take you away from the other side still like my lil brother last time I talked to him he say he was tryna just hustle these N***** want pieces of the pie gotta ride with a cutter shout out Jackie Robinson I’m just saying ima slide for my brothers I can’t stop gotta go harder neck not flooded need more water damn n**** you was supposed to be her for your daughter say even under oath ima lie to your honor