Big Thief – Red Moon Lyrics


Red Moon Lyrics by Big Thief


Red moon rising like a fire in me
So many questions, she asks them all to me
I have to answer most curiously
Scarlet angel
I am too small to see
Earn earn, shuffle round the big city
Burning the rubber down
Crossing the hot concrete
I’m gonna leave town, there is someone to meet
She turns her head around a full 360

Bedroom rising from an old growth tree
Bring out the sawmill
Cutting the twelve inch beams
Building a pattern, a reservoir to fill with dreams
Rings like Saturn, telling their old stories

Windmill turn and turn eternally
What do you yearn for?
Where do you long to be?
I’ve been here before looking at the wild country
Opening the screen door, talking with Diane Lee

(That’s my grandma)

Radio singin’ from the corner of the kitchen
I’ve got the oven on
I got the onions wishin’ they hadn’t made me cry
Filling the sink with dishes
Lettin’ em air dry
Waitin’ for the wind’s permission

Too many movies got me shivering and shy
Turning the lights out, glisten’ in the owl’s eye
Glimmer like lightning
Under the violet sky, shimmer like diamonds
Watching the red moon rise