Big Boogie – Pop Shit Lyrics


Pop Shit Lyrics


Bigdude , Rich N**** let me pop shit ( pop shit 2x) big business they ain’t stopping shit
Pop that shit off what I’m gone do ( bigdude)
I can put that shit on how I want too cause I want too ( rich )
Squatting in that trackhawk and my bestfriend out my sunroof ( wop wop)
Can’t no N**** threaten me show me some do what you gone do , bitch ( talking about bitch )
I do what I want to ( really ) shirt off for the summer ( naked)
Maybach on forges look like a bat stuck in a hummer ( black )
Amg big booty Benz seats just like Le Bonner ( sliding )
Any bitch I look at I can smile she’s a goner ( come here )
Choppa Glrddd piranha
I do what they wanna ( bigdude)
Fuck her in my sprinter she say bae fuck up my bundles
Rich young N**** I know they don’t like that to they stomach ( CMG)
Sour shit get punish , I’m top 5 up in the country ( bigdude)
N***** goofy really constantly coming like they know me ( know me )
All that Rara talking yeah I hear you but come show me ( blah blah )
Statement fuck your Og ( fuck em ) , homie must don’t know me ( do he )
Passed a lot of rappers they was rapping way before me ( got to )
Diamonds hit like speakers in my ear so I can’t hear him ( hear em )
Can’t fuck with these n*****, allergic I can’t be near them ( near em )
On my private jet talking to Kj about some M’s( lil cousin )
Just bought him a coupe he deserve it he one of them ( Maserati)
Bought best-friend a 2 door Benz he barely ride on rims ( 2 door )
Draco makes movie like CameraGawd or Wikid Films ( GLRDDDDD)
My lil bitch say bae you getting so fat go get hit the gym ( gym )
I responded I was broke before I can’t be slim ( ughhh )
Bounce that ass an exit I’m bigdude not one of them ( roll )
Haters solo in my life I’m high so I can’t see em
Bitch I’m bigdude ( bitch I’m who )
I got rich rules ( I got who )
I got exes in my dm like I miss you ( aww Poo Poo )
Beat that pussy make her squirt look what that dick do ( bend it over )
Buy her things and show her off watch what her skin in ( watch what her skin do )
Drop her off in that maybach , watch what her friends do ( aight bae )
Soon as I land and get that bag look what my dance do ( look what my Dickin do )
Pockets bunk bed I smoke *
I’m higher than plane oil I got drunk legs ( I got dead legs )
My lil bitch from the Dc sexy got dumb head ( she got dumb head )
Caught 2 opps one of them ran , still got dumped dead ( glrddd )
Balloons release they sharing caskets like they bunk beds ( now they family )
I’m fucking my opp bitch from the back I’m praying we bump heads ( hoe come in )
My bitch calling me while I’m performing bae my phone dead ( bae my phone dead )
Why you thinking I’m cheating on you hoe look you wrong dead ( second guessing )
Pop shit ( 7x) bigdude gone pop shit , bigdude pop shit , pop shit , bigdude pop shit
Put that gun you ain’t drop shit ( GLRDDDDD)

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: Pop Shit
    Performed by: Big Boogie
    Written by: John Lotts, Lil Huncho
    Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
    Album: Definition of Big Dude
    Release Date: 31 January, 2023