Big Boogie – Oh Nana Lyrics


Oh Nana Lyrics


Bigdude , oh nana oh Nana mhmmm
Mhmmm glrddd talk that boog walk that bitch boog
I left the hood to see my vision , vision soon as I left the bitch I got smarter and started business
Barely drink lean now I almost coughed my right kidney ( bullshitting)
I don’t backtrack with something I had that ain’t my dealings ( she out of here)
Black heart life you step outside my house you see black pigeons
I got crossed by some people that always told my business ( fuck em )
They showed some colors that didn’t mix I stepped back like I’m tripping ( I’m bullshitting)
Told my bitch watch my back while I’m winning bae stop bitching ( you bullshitting )
Told my ex play with her pussy not me I’m a grown man ( bigdude )
I got this shit wrapped around my fingers I got so hands ( respect me )
Shoot that drac about my respect on life I’m talking about both hands
Huncho and kj if I can blow I know they both can( let’s go though )
I rather smoke woota with my feet up don’t do romance ( dead nem)
Please don’t speak on bigdude if you normal with your broke ass ( hoe ass )
She say boog why you fucking me like that cause I slow dance eat that dick with no hands
I Kilt that Pussy , toe tags
I was broke before but now I’m iced out ( ice )
Diamonds hit so hard I blew the lights out
A thousand shots around me talking about right now
Every brother with me living life now mhmmm
Oh nana ( 15x)
Bitch I’m rich now
Gangland bitch we lit now
Don’t try to diss me and get back cool
You on my list now
I went got that bag and got some guns I’m on my shit now ( facts though )
Had to gen the police took it I got a switch now
Choppa mouth on fye diamonds hurt my eyes
Demons creep at night
Soon as you play you fly
I can’t rotten N**** fuck you mean I’m solid N****
Name a n**** took some from bigdude , I’m plotting N**** ( I’m waiting ) ( GLRDDDDD )
Choppa bullets shooting fye fye fye fye
I be smoking woota how high high
Nick Cannon what I’m Carrying Mariah ( Mariah)
Cut my last bitch off it’s bye bye bye bye
Oh nana (10x)

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: Oh Nana
    Performed by: Big Boogie
    Written by: Amari Deion Freeman, John Lotts
    Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
    Album: Definition of Big Dude
    Release Date: 31 January, 2023