Big Boogie – Mind Frame Lyrics


Mind Frame Lyrics


GLRDDDDD, GLRDDDDD bitch I’m bigdude
I just want to vibe out on this bitch the right way ( you feel me ) ( a young boss)
See I stay in my lane ( you heard me )
I ain’t friendly no way , I treat my life like a e way
I’ll never get in nobody lane that’ll make my car stop ( car stop )
Bigdude GLRDDDDD talk that shit N****
Wassup bigdude , I’m not friendly I got Haitians in that trackhawk thugging and they gremlins
Shining like a diamond 2010 didn’t have a penny ( bigdude)
So slumped on the lean I think my pillow is my kidney
POP out gang for life , you ain’t blood stay out my business
If I cut you off, it’s fuck you cause you hurt my feelings
Bigdude bitch I’m raw , I didn’t know loyalty get you blemished
N***** don’t be gangsta they tote guns for they image ( bitch ass )
Maybach with the fuck you on it , bitches see me in it
Scat pack in the shop right now , I wrecked it cause i spun it ( damn )
40 when I talk I fly to Geo for my dentist ( Fortyyyyyyy)
Finna be a millionaire I know it cause I feel it
Signed with CMG , they saw some in me mind your business
Every chance I get I’m popping shit that hurt their feelings
Seem like all the n***** hate bigdude except the women
Try me anywhere I bet my members stand on business
Fuck the internet I don’t respond I bet we kill them
Stacking every dollar cause I’m itching for the Ceiling
Second momma love me like my first her name Mrs Penny
Rich young N**** solid and I’m loyal from the trenches ( ooooo)
Please don’t say you loyal and you blind
Last bitch broke my heart she took my mind ( left me crying )
Slice me in the back she split my spine ( split my spine)
Solid with my pain I cry inside
Redrum for life cause my people died
Solo to my self I’m thinking why
Choppa bullets sound ( doom doom die)
Think before you diss me suit and tie
40 ball smiling in water
Too excited I wreck my charger
Hurt my soul when I lost my father
Promise not to die on my daughter
Kj huncho pushing me harder
Lonely walking shit make me smarter
They gone die if they got a problem
Steve my big dog and he my barber

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: Mind Frame
    Performed by: Big Boogie
    Written by: Eric Grimes, John Lotts
    Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
    Album: Definition of Big Dude
    Release Date: 31 January, 2023