Big Boogie – Boog A MF Lyrics


Boog A MF Lyrics by Big Boogie


Boog ( red ) show the fuck is red ( boog, boog)
I’m high as a bird n****, I’m high as a dog n**** flrdddd
Can’t fuck with n***** cause they nice , backwood session kush comma gone
Every Glock a homo session 30 we shoot dikes
She think imma promo with that lumber pumping pipe
BigDude baby I can drive her crazy by tonight
My lil n***** catching them houses but with no dice ( that’s grape nem )
Vvs diamonds White girl hair , Cuban lice
392 growling fast as fuck , don’t stop at lights
My killers they pushing no c section, birth it right
Audemar bezel 80,000 fuck some lice
Bad bitch in this hemi suck me down she had some ice come here , damn I nutted twice
Guilty airport missed my flight
N***** hate my guts but I be smiling on they tv
Any n**** make jokes about BigDude they want to be me
How the fuck you say I’m your opp and you don’t see me
Got so many hatians every state they like some bbs
Aye let me turn up they ain’t hating enough
Every show my lil demons they got them glizzies tucked
She fuck with me cause I’m boog , boy you paid to fuck
Signed with gotti , I took off I woke the hatred up CMG damn
Boog, pop out like raccoons n**** it go boom n****
Draco bullets vrooms n**** cleaned the room n****
Scat gas vroom n**** tracks boom n****
Hold up where my goons n**** where my murdas
V8 motor big as fuck, this a widebody
Killed that pussy murda broke her whole side body
Hottest in the country I’m BigDude hot tamale
TayG grape the party , Jab shssssss placed a body
Ouuuu I’m a damn fool( I’m BigDude, BigDude), fuck until she stiff look what jam do
Bend it over , we in them toys couple lambs too
Bubbles on my chest waisted Mountain Dew
Wasted Drank on me
I’m a mf , big boog I’m a mf
Boog , I’m a mf rappers hate me I’m a mf boog
I’m a mf , big murder them my mud brothers them my woes
We got mud puddles , Draco clap them that’s a blood puddle , flrddd

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