Big Boogie – Big Dude Lyrics


Big Dude Lyrics by Big Boogie


Backwood session, I be high as fuck
I be city state to city, I be tired as fuck
If you book me, you gon’ see that I be live as fuck
I can’t feel my fucking face, I be too high for self
I beat that pussy, kilt the washer
She got nine bros
She got time left, clock a buckle, time belts
I broke my back for snakes before, I think my spine left
Jasmine died right in my face, I think my mind left
How much longer they gon’ hate? How much time left?
They want smoke, we got the fire, we not from round here
We got guns in every show, we not from down here
Stay in the sand and not the water, you gon’ drown here
All my diamonds different colors, it’s a clown here
We got volume on it, it’s kind of loud in here
44 bulldog, no collar, he’ll growl in here
Look at my opps, they don’t want smoke
They brought some mild in here
Told these rappers to scoot over, step move left
Choppa bullet shoot out five, poof, moose breath
Send my demons on a mission, smooth dude dealt
Smoking dead ‘nem, now I got the news breath

I’m BigDude who talking? Choppa talking, who talking?
Audi coupe, don’t do walking, VVs diamonds, blue dolphins
My lil’ demons no talking, get off me
I’m fresh as hell, too saucy, choking all on your new coffin
If you ever stole from me, that’s a headshot
I can see you far as fuck, red dot
She took my soul up off that head, she made my legs lock
I got some shooters in Texas, that’s on my dead pops
My lil’ cousin survived a shot, he got dreadlocks
I know some killas love boogie, make your head drop
Smoking wood running through them, boogie red fox
Every song I got a banger, I make heads bop
Yeah, VVs diamonds, they look like Fruit Loops
I got me some demons ‘a remove you
Smoking dead ‘nem, yeah, wootawoot
December around my neck, this ain’t foo foo
Jungle backwood, it’s Gorilla Glue
If you hate big boogie, what I do to you?
Drinking lean raw, hope my kidney don’t move
Try me then you die, toodaloo

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