Ben Rector – Cliches Lyrics


Cliches Lyrics by Ben Rector (feat. Taylor Goldsmith)


They say that opposites attract
Don’t know it for a fact
I’m here to tell you it’s the truth

‘Cause you were open, I was closed
Diametrically opposed
I guess we’re the livin’ proof

Don’t know who writes all these down
Mulls them over, thinks ’em out
All the wisdom that they bring
‘Cause I used to think that they were trite
It turns out they’re mostly right
There’s a reason they’re a thing

Say these adages like warnings
If they turn out to be true
‘Cause the more of life I’m livin’ next to you
These days

If you’re the apple, I’m the tree
But don’t fall too close to me
You’re already twice the human that I’ll ever be
They say grown men shouldn’t cry
But I’ve had somethin’ in my eye
Since you turned us two to three

The more and more I’m learnin’
These aren’t exceptions, they’re the rule
That the more of life I’m livin’ next to you
These days
Are cliches


We’ve all heard that time can fly
In the blinking of an eye
This one feels a bit too real

And if all good things come to an end
And I can’t take this ride again
I will tell you how I feel

You will hear me in the ocean
You will see me in the moon

But don’t mistake these messages to you

For cliches


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