Ben Harper – It Ain’t No Use Lyrics


It Ain’t No Use Lyrics by Ben Harper


It ain’t no use
You needed me and now
You need an excuse
It ain’t no use
You try to kill everyone in the room
Then escape through the roof
I could say that you tried
But that might be too kind
You make such a mess
By not making up your mind
It ain’t no use
You want the world eating out of your hands
But you ain’t got the juice
It ain’t no use

Sometimes I gotta throw up my hands
Sometimes it makes me run as far as I can
And I don’t need a weather report
I just need you to make the sun shine

Ain’t no use
You tried to bury me alive
Then call a truce
It ain’t no use
Used to getting your way
Now you’re singing the blues
Ain’t no use
Happened right in front of your eyes
But still you needed proof
I may be wrong
But I just may be right
Been going on too long
With no end in sight