Beach Bunny – Deadweight Lyrics


Deadweight Lyrics by Beach Bunny


So impulsive, indecisively
Decided to let go of me
And let it be, while saying “Please don’t walk away from me”
So let me in and push me out again
“Let’s be friends” he says while holding me
So selfishly and I think “Maybe things end differently”

Don’t wanna let go
But I can’t stay this way

I’m pissed off, no I’m enraged
Sometimes I feel like you have changed
‘Cause he wouldn’t hurt me
And you don’t think through things logically
It’s unfair to say you care
Expecting me to be there
When you need, but make me bleed
You cut a knife through me emotionally

Don’t wanna let go
But I can’t stay this way

You always get what you want
But I’m not someone who waits to feel love
Because I think I’ve waited enough
You seem like you’re giving up
On us

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: Deadweight
    Performed by: Beach Bunny
    Written by: Anthony Vaccaro, Jon Alvarado, Lili Trifilio, Matt Henkels
    Genre: Alternative
    Album: Emotional Creature
    Release Date: 22 July, 2022