Animal Collective – Royal and Desire Lyrics


Royal and Desire Lyrics by Animal Collective


Do you fall before the sun?
And in the face of each trial
Are you sure that it’s down down?
Down, down
Down, down, down

And what’s this lie that you place
Before the birth of your world?
Just trying living now, now
Now, now
Decide I’m one and I sing
Inside I’m still as I move
Now forget all that down, down
Down, down

Now I’m washed in Bywater rain
These water oaks and the train
And that song singing loud, loud
Loud, loud

Song shuts my eyes
Reminds me of my fight
To know the way

The way to love like a child
To always see what he chase
But it never holds how, how?
How, how?

Don’t hold too long
Or think you feign insane for sane’s sake
Don’t break for song
Don’t break your name

‘Cause you taught me to stand
And that splinters will rise
And we’ll always come ’round ’round
‘Round ’round
‘Round ’round
‘Round ’round
‘Round ’round