Amy Sheppard – Overthinking Lyrics


Overthinking Lyrics


I think that I saw you walking on broadway today

Now I’m wondering if you’ve been doing okay

Now ya going round and round my brain on replay

What can I say, some things don’t ever change

I’m over thinking ‘bout ya tonight

I’m over wondering if I’m on your mind

I’m over wishing that you’d blow up my phone

Tell me that ya all alone and you ain’t over me, like I ain’t over you

I’m overthinking, thinking

Yeah I’m overthinking thinking … about you

Remember when we crashed like waves in California

I can still hear ya saying baby, I’m falling for ya

Yeah, we stayed up all night, in them sheets starting fires

Close my eyes, we’re still there,

Feels so right, in my head

Turning off these memories was never gonna be easy

Damn, I know you left but part of you don’t wanna leave me

I’m overthinking, I’m overthinking