Allegories – It’s A Parade Lyrics


It’s A Parade Lyrics by Allegories


And it’s pouring rain
And me in a random manger
And you were only a stranger for a minute
And our hands are erased
A minute that will plague you for an hour
Or a week or a forgotten year
And it all seems real
The revolution
Can I wake up?

I’m talking a mile a minute
Froze in fear
They’re walking by
And I’ve got to smile
As I brush that puke off my sleeve

And I’m waking up in the middle of a parade

I could only have only guessed that
You would run away from

And you can see my spleen hanging from my
Body that was thrown away and
You were the one that walked away
You given all we know
And the riots, riots, oh, riots
Riots so the oracle knows it’s all in my head

And your grief floats away

Look up
Blue lies forever
Look up
Blue lies forever
Look up
Blue lies forever