Abbath – Scarred Core Lyrics


Scarred Core Lyrics by Abbath


Too fierce for the flares of hell
Too tempestuous for the swell
Too bloody for the leech
Too brazen for the breech
Too sharp-edged for the razor
Too bright for stellar gazer
Too sentient for the brain
Too hungry to be tamed

Too succulent a tongue to taste
Too potent-bred to be chaste
Tumescent tied to dying root
Tumult tends to overshoot
Tenacity smashed will inculcate
Tomorrows torn from loop of Fate
To lose is not the end of war
Tis but the dawn we hunger for

Too toxic for the viper’s fang
No noose too tight, condemned to hang
Catch sabre tooth by the tail
Too committed to fail
Built from scar of every flaw
Cut from shard fragmenting core
Standard raised we march on high
Too rock’n’roll to die