A Wilhelm Scream – Downtown Start II Lyrics


Downtown Start II Lyrics by A Wilhelm Scream


Oh, when I seize the day
Somethin’ in the ether turns me up
When the goings get rough

You care too much about anything for too damn long
It runs you ’round eventually
What I become
I fail to it

And I wanna tell ya
The war that surrounds you
It’s not your friend

And with that I’ll slip back into the shadows again
I was where you are
What’s self doubt do?

Stomp your livin’ soul out ’til it’s dead and gone, to that grey beyond
To a shallow grave in some park it tries to put you in
The gory details (Downtown)
Sent back on a rail (Better now)
Spent all this time survivin’ on the edge of a knife
I’ll tell ya all about it in another life (Downtown)
The rottenness inside of me dies by the time I see you downtown

I was young and dumb and drunk with wanderlust
No love, all love, where I come from
Tryin’ to keep myself from floating off to the grey beyond
What else could I do?
Sail on, sail on

Hey, yo Craig, thank you so much

Yeah, this place got some saints that hold it down
Right near you

Let your people know you love ’em while ya can (Downtown)
Inspired by the life and times of Bobby Choinard (Oh, yeah, yeah)
Inspired by his kin at the record shop (Downtown)
You want more details?
I’m back off the rails
But the rottenness inside of me dies every time I see you downtown