99 Neighbors – Live a Little Lyrics


Live a Little 99 Neighbors Lyrics

Live a Little Lyrics


Live a Little Lyrics by 99 Neighbors


Alright, plug gonna be here in 8 minutes, let’s see if I can get this
99 Neighbors, yo, I gotta give it to these new kids

Mama callin’ me like boy what state is you in? (She ain’t callin’ yo’ dumbass)
Travel all the time, you know my patience thin
I’ll get my paper thick like that’s my golden rule, make them digits
I done manifested this since dropping school, holy shit I
Never go back to the darker days
Never go back that way
Damn. I got bags to chase
Blow pack to the face
Got rats in the race, go find ’em
Hoping things don’t end violent, don’t like sirens either
Fuck that bitch delete her, If she hurt you leave her
If she ain’t about your shit then why the fuck you need her?
I been blowing up stage and I might break the meter
I might buy that two seater, spent my time with two liters
Cocaine flow, that nose bleeder
Cookin’ up on that new heater

Cold hearted, I’m never stressin’ shit (Bro, you always stressin’)
More money more problems, this black excellence
Back in my bag, back on the road
Back to me blackin’ out on flows, screamin’ motherfuck the president, ayy
Anything goes this year, I’m still sleepin’ on the floor this year
My nigga, hold my beer, back in my groove
Shadow boxing the devil blindfolded, I stick and move
When there’s way too many vultures in the room
Check it, I’ve been that nigga since I hopped up off the porch
Of course it’s that pretty mother fucker with the torch, you’re all welcome
The apple never gets too far from the tree it fell from
The rose that grew from concrete on this album, ayy
If you hatin’, suck my dick from the back
I never lack, I’m more focused than ever
Never relaxed, semi-detached
Pack bags, hit the high road, renovate for the better
Only chance in hell that I can get recognition in heaven, bitch

So let me live, I’ve been givin’ all I can give
I’m tryna breathe, in between sippin’ all I can sip
Bitch, get a grip, who’s the rawest off rip? (Not you, nigga)
Answer my question, saucing daily don’t get caught in the mix, this life a blessing
Moving onto better things, wasn’t living right for a minute
Angle my scope, fix my sights, like a rifle, I’m in it
I’m after, past passes and some first class baggage
I’m tellin’ all these suits next to me I did it off rappin’
I’m braggin’ of course, haters get torched, the young hell spawn
Don’t make me pull a motherfuckin’ belt on them niggas
All that hatin’ ain’t improvin’ on your health, my nigga
Being jealous never helped none of your wealth, go figure
We keep it, most definitely doper than them, stories begin
This a legacy, it never could end, flow through my pen
All these moments that I spent with my friends
It all depends, what’s the most that you willin’ to lend?