42 Dugg – Of Course Lyrics


Of Course Lyrics by 42 Dugg (feat. Tae Money)


Bag touch, now rap bitches wanna act up
Fast somethin’, I wanna fuck bitch like ass up
Six ten, ashes and this the big Benz
Switched friends, I fucked her, I wanna fuck her

You cuffed her, gave her your last but I fucked first
Top ten, too many dubs, I don’ dropped ten
Drop pins, watch out for Shep and watch us show out
You got yours, I got mine, let’s have a blowout

I know why, n***** hatin’ on me but before I
Slow down, I’mma burn this bitch up then
Turn this bitch up, three-fifty cash for like six months
Bitch what? Get off my ass, I might take somethin’
Tripp saw you, that’s a neck, that’s a neck

Apple had it, never gave it back, n****, no cap
I was doin’ 80 out the trap, this before rap
I retired killin’ in ‘010, you should know that
But I’ll go back, shout out that pole, bitch, I blow that

What’s up with cuz? What’s up with blood? I still fuck with thugs
Me and Wod, both out the window, “N****, don’t move”
We want greens, I want blues, we both work fools

Boy, you a fool, think I ain’t got the J’s for the eight
Up early, catch a plane, n***** finished, smh
I still got ’em textin’ Nate, I serve out of Section 8
N***** callin’ us for the ops, like they investigate

In gloves, I don’ hit ’em 20 times like I’m Gary Payton
And I was only fuckin’ on you, baby, why you say we dating?
Now you know I got a bitch, so why you say that?
Only thing you did was eat this dick off in the Maybach
Two-thousand for the pussy? I ain’t gon’ pay that
Unless you bad, you got some nice titties and some ass

Got Chanel, Dior and Louis, Gucci for you
I steal with killers so you already know how we move
I get block fresh off, I turn one into two
Them n***** say, “Big A”, but now the club’s full of fools

We blow chops, SIG and Glocks, kid you not
Erry’ modern n**** get thumped, on mox
Five hundred profit, I’m Frank more than Sinatra
Fully auto choppers, I’m spinnin’ mans with bottles

Send her to the doctor, that pussy wasn’t smellin’ proper
And on my daddy mama, I know the n**** that shot me
So when I do him bad, don’t be textin’ me I’m wildin’
And bitch, everyone know I’m still childish, bitch

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